IGAT-180AD Pool Lift

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Aquatic Access Inc. Lifts For In-Ground Pools - IGAT-180 AD Pool Lift Watsonville by Access Options Inc

Previously available as a custom design, the Model IGAT-180AD was designed to accomodate pools with automatic covers and some pool/spa combinations. This lift complies with the current recommendations and pending requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is user-operable, and its seat height is easily adjustable to accommodate various wheelchair heights. The 180° clockwise turn allows the greatest access from the deck for the user and any assistants. Side-to-side transfers are easy, the footrest flips up and the mounting arm is under the seat. This allows for unobstructed transfer. The seat rotates forward when entering the pool, and backward when exiting the water. The standard seat has a right arm only, but a flip-up outer arm is available. This unit also available in a 90-degree and 135-degree rotation.

IGAT-180AD Specifications

  • Meets or exceeds current recommendations and future requirements of the ADA.
  • Automatic 180º Clockwise Seat Turn Standard (opposite turn available)
  • Elevated Deck Clearance to allow for automatic pool covers or pool/spa combinations.
  • Powered by Water Pressure -- lifts up to 350 LB. at 55-65 PSI while lifting or approx. 60 PSI static faucet pressure.
  • Vertical Seat Travel - 42"
  • Installs in Deck Socket (Socket Cover included)
  • Portable (Lift Out and Put Away)
  • Flip-Up Footrest Included
  • Can Be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position
  • Allows Independent Operation

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