IGAT-90 Pool Lift

Aquatic Access Inc. Lifts For In-Ground Pools

Aquatic Access Inc. Lifts For In-Ground Pools - IGAT-90 Pool Lift Fremont by Access Options Inc

For those who can do a diagonal or front-pivot transfer, the Model IGAT-90 may be ideal. Access for transfer is best with small or no gutter. The seat rotates backward (counter-clockwise) into water, and forward when exiting. The standard seat has two arms.

IGAT-90 Specifications

  • Independent Operation
  • Automatic 90 Degree Seat Turn
  • Powered by Water Pressure
  • Lifts up to 400 LBS. at 55-65 PSI while operating, which equals approximately 60 PSI static pressure when measured at the faucet or hose.
  • Vertical Seat Travel - 42"
  • Installs in Deck Socket
  • Portable (Lift Out and Roll Away)
  • Can be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position

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