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Aquatic Access Inc. Lifts For In-Ground Pools

Aquatic Access Inc. Lifts For In-Ground Pools - IGMT Pool Lift Hayward by Access Options Inc

The IGMT is a good choice for pools with automatic covers and moveable floors, for in-ground spas with bench seats, and for pool/spa combinations. The Model IGMT has no parts in the water except when the seat descends. The 360º seat turn allows good access from anywhere on the deck.

The IGMT is available with three seat configurations -- pictured is the Front--Facing Seat -- a good choice for in-ground spas and pool combinations and spas with seats. The Left-Mounted and Right Mounted Seats are choices available for in-ground pools.

IGMT pool lift

  • Assisted Operation
  • Manual 360° Seat Turn
  • Powered by Water Pressure
  • Lifts up to 300 lb. at 55-65 PSI
  • Sandard Vertical Seat Travel of 42"
  • Installs in Deck Socket set 12"-18" from edge of pool
  • Portable

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