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Link Transfer Seat Features

  • Innovative vehicle access solution. In other words: A great way to get into your vehicle. Your vehicle, your way.
  • The LINK installs into your vehicle, without structurally modifying it, fitting neatly under the seat that is already there, driver or passenger. Offering amazing legroom and comfort, the LINK is the connection between you and your vehicle.
  • Love your vehicle. Keep the look, comfort and style of your ride. The LINK is so compact the original seat is always used. No need to try and match the interior finishes.
  • Tilt, rotate, recline, lift... all the movements you need, at your fingertips. Get functions that ROCK for you. Not only can you use the LINK to lift up once outside the vehicle, the rock function is also available inside the vehicle to offer a comfortable, customizable and adjustable seated position.
  • Why choose aftermarket when you can have original? With the LINK there is never an issue with seat height or position inside the vehicle. Never lose any factory safety feature. Keep all the airbags, seat position sensors, weight sensors and seatbelt anchorages.
  • This technologically advanced system is pre-programmed for the intended vehicle, but can be re-programmed to offer customized comfort or installation in another vehicle. Check with your local dealer if the LINK would work for you!
  • We launched our pre-production LINK at the 23rd Annual National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Conference in Reno, Nevada on February 5th, 2014. Production is set for Summer 2014.
  • Safety is something we all expect when looking at mobility solutions. Adapt Solutions stands behind its products by offering proven safety. The LINK is no different. Compliance and safety aren't just words we use; we prove our compliance with third party verification.
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