Bruno Model ASL-350 Offset Space-Saver™ Vehicle Lift

Bruno Model ASL-350 Offset Space-Save Vehicle Lift at Access Options Inc -  Bruno Scooter Lifts Hayward
  • Gives you the flexibility to load a partially-assembled scooter into the trunk of today’s smaller cars or those cars with ‘sloped-in’ trunk designs. This Lift features an offset outer arm allowing you to more easily position your scooter
  • Ideal for vehicles with trunks that previously were considered too small for lift installations. Now you don’t have to go without the benefit of a lift any longer and there’s no need to consider the costly purchase of a different type of car.
  • Designed with a low-profile, outer arm to make storing your scooter even easier. All controls are located conveniently on top of the lift arm. Just press a button and eliminate the struggle of raising and lowering your scooter!
  • Can be powered by the vehicle's battery or powered with the optional Bruno Pow'rPac.
  • Can be stored anywhere, in the trunk or inside the vehicle. It disassembles quickly and easily, requiring only three steps. When an additional tower base assembly is ordered, it can even be used in more than one vehicle.
  • Raises and stores many types of three- or four-wheel scooters weighing up to 200 lb.

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