Bruno Scooter Lift Joey™ Vehicle Lift Model VSL-4000HW

Joey Vehicle Lift Model VSL-4000HW by Access Options Inc - Bruno Scooter Lift Watsonville

This simple to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside your minivan at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Joey lift and store your mobility device for you. Securement belts are included for safety during transport.


  • Fully Powered - Makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair inside your minivan virtually effortless - one button operation
  • 350 lb/160 kg lifting capacity
  • Safe/Reliable - Lifecycle tested beyond industry standards
  • Drive on/off either side of platform - no reversing necessary
  • Includes securement straps for safety
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle - can be easily removed for vehicle resale
  • Can reinstall in your next vehicle
  • Many custom, vehicle specific mounting kits are available for an extra clean and precise installation

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